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Other Resources

This section of the site contains links and information about other resources for Mal de Debarquement.


There are few online resources dealing specifically with MDDS. The most relevant one is Dr. Timothy Hain's page about mal de debarquement:

Dr Hain's MDDS-related Page

In addition, the Vestibular Disorders Association maintains a page on MDDS (which is at the moment just a link to Dr Hain's page):


The Atlantic Coast Ear Specialists has a good page describing other vestibular disorders such as BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) and Meniere's Disease which sometimes resemble MDDS symptoms:

Atlantic Coast Ear Specialists

Another page which describes the BPPV symptoms and the very effective Canalith Repositioning Procedure is at

Benign Paroxysysmal Positional Vertigo

There is a great page which deals with the patient side of coping with vestibular disorders called the:

Vestibular Disorders Hotsheet

There is also a general "dizziness" mailing list (for an MDDS specific list, go to the support page), which you can subscribe to by sending an email message with the words subscribe dizziness in the body of the email message to


Vestibular Disorders Association
A non-profit organization which specializes in vestibular disorders

Offline Resources

You can read the medical references about MDDS.

Another organization which may be of help is the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD).

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