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MDDS Support

Note: Since MDDS can often affect a person's ability to hold a job, or get medical insurance, all contributions to this section will be anonymous unless you specifically want to give out your name or email address.

Case Histories

If you want to lay out your MDDS case history so that others may see how you contracted MDDS and how you managed to be diagnosed, feel free to send me email with your case history, and I will be happy to add you to the list below (anonymously if desired).

Mailing List

There is a private mailing list for people who are interested in discussing MDDS. Possible topics of discussion include current treatments/drugs people are trying, food/diet issues, coping with MDDS, and other issues which affect MDDS sufferers.

Note: This list is to be used only for discussion of mal de debarquement syndrome related issues. Emails from non-MDDS related persons or bulk/spam mail will not be tolerated and such posters will be banned. Participants on the list may not give out the list address to third parties under any circumstances.

The mailing list is currently being transferred to a Yahoo Groups based mailing solution. Please stay tuned for updates.

Contributed Articles

This section lists contributed articles which are relevant to coping with MDDS. If you have something you wish to contribute, please feel free to send me email.

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